I paint because of the feeling of joy & fulfillment I experience while creating in the visual mediums. Reflecting back, my creative development has been a lifetime inner calling, and one that I continue to be uplifted by.

I am a native born Californian, graduated from Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga CA and attended Valley Jr. College in Van Nuys, CA and studied Medical assisting. After graduating college, I found working in the medical field to be quite challenging emotionally. So at age 20 I moved to Eugene Oregon to further my education. While living in Eugene Oregon I took up oil painting as a hobby and took to it like a duck to water.  I discovered that I had a natural ability to paint. While I was attending the University of Oregon I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in art. Living in the splendor of Oregon’s pristine countryside sparked a deep appreciation and passion for nature. I developed a desire to create paintings of the wilderness that I was experiencing.  I found myself deeply inspired by the profound natural beauty of the area and began painting nature scenes…landscapes, seascapes and flower motifs.

This passion has stayed with me throughout my life.

I have augmented my art studies with technique workshops throughout the years and have studied with several talented and accomplished fellow artists along the way. The French impressionists have been an inspiration to me in that they never stopped pushing the limits of the “rules” in art, and in my opinion this is what true art is all about….as creativity is an exploritive process.  I have also studied Alla prima technique with my mentor and friends Lucille DeThomas and CM Cooper. Who I will be forever grateful to for their guidance and encouragement and faith in my abilities to become a more accomplished artist.

I believe we would all be happier and feel more inner peace if we stopped and witnessed nature’s song with her, felt the love of our creator deep inside ourselves and in the harmony of nature all around us.

It is this glorious feeling of connectedness and gratitude that I seek to share with others thru my oil paintings. I do wish to convey that we are not separate from mother earth, but one with her and now is the time for us to take heed and stop polluting our natural resources, our only true home. I invite you to stand with me in appreciation and gratitude for all the Mother Earth so graciously gives to all of us each and everyday!

I currently reside in Valencia,CA and work as lead graphic designer at Hi-torque Publications. I continue to paint in my studio at home and participate in local group art shows in my home town, as well as have several of my paintings hanging in local businesses in Valencia. While Oil painting remains my main medium,  I also enjoy creating inspirational mixed media artwork. Happily, I have been selected several times to have my mixed media work published in the Stampington’s Somerset Studio Magazine.

In addition to my original paintings and fine art prints seen on my website. I also have offer  handmade collage art greeting cards and book markers that make great unique gifts in my Etsy shop.